We offer full project management, communications, systems engineering, architecture, analysis, design and development skills to our clients as needed. We fit the needs of our customers. Our success is directly tied to the success of our clients and we continue to support our client's growth and ability to execute. Our proven reliable delivery model has demonstrated the capacity and capability that our client's need.

We provide great depth of support to our clients, getting their developers, analysts and architects up to speed quickly. We enable new developers to succeed quickly, providing training and coaching as necessary to resolve practical problems so they may complete their work. We have been relied upon to get things done, efficiently, effectively and professionally. We have demonstrated the expertise to diagnose and solve issues quickly providing highly available services.

We do not partner with technology vendors (despite numerous invitations) unless there is a benefit to our clients. We are often counted on to provide an independent analysis of technology choices and it is difficult to demonstrate independence when you are obligated to a relationship with a technology vendor. We do maintain professional memberships to continually improve our education, training and capacity to serve our clients. We have an excellent relationship with Business Objects, Informatica and ReportsNow with years of experience in negotiations and technical support.

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